Tutorial videos, Andersen Op 41

I posted a tutorial for Joachim Andersen Op 41 Etude #4, Allegro Animato. This completes my YouTube series on Op 41 – hooray! I hope that you find this new video, and others in the series, helpful.

Check out the new video here.

As a student, I recorded my practice sessions frequently on cassette tape (yes, I’m that old!). That was a tremendously helpful practice and allowed me to hear things that I would have otherwise missed.

Video platforms take that to the next level and allow us to throw our recordings out there for feedback from others. It has been a great learning experience for me to prepare these videos.

  • Each video performance was recorded in a single take (no splicing to get the best parts of several recordings). This required careful practice and preparation.
  • I had to think about how to present teaching concepts for each video clearly and succinctly. I have to say that I am still working on both, but I have discovered a lot about my teaching by watching my own videos.
  • I purchased Movavi Video Suite for this project and have learned a lot about technical manipulation of video. Still lots to learn, but I figured out how to add graphics to replace the video picture and how to play a duet with myself!

I encourage those who are interested to take advantage of the video platforms that are out there. It will help you take your practicing and preparation to a new level, and teach you some video skills as well!

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