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For the following notes, draw a whole note that creates the specified interval from the note that appears on the staff.

Tip:  Keep in mind that in order for an interval to be considered a second, the two notes MUST have letter names that are next to each other in the musical alphabet.  Using enharmonic notes will give you a different theoretical interval, even though the pitch difference may be the same.

Find the letter name first, then determine what accidental is appropriate.

Example:  F# to Gb is a diminished second.  F to F# is an augmented unison (not a second because they share the same letter name).

Draw a DIMINISHED second ABOVE each note:

Draw a DIMINISHED second BELOW each note:

Draw an AUGMENTED second ABOVE each note:

Draw an AUGMENTED second BELOW each note:

Mission Impossible!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to determine the following, extremely challenging, intervals.  Ready?  Go!

Draw a DIMINISHED second ABOVE these 3 notes:

Draw a DIMINISHED second BELOW these 3 notes:

Hmmm, was that difficult for you?  It should have been.

Since we only have up to double flats and double sharps (there are no triple flats or quadruple sharps), some intervals cannot be created; we cannot make the distance between the two notes conform to being a second and also having the correct number of half steps.  Won’t work – don’t even try it.

<< Aug Dim Seconds

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