Welcome to the section of my website about music eras!

This project is designed to provide intermediate through high school flutists an overview of music eras from a flute player perspective. Along with the general background of each music era you will find links to flute-centered videos of music from that era.

Project Contents

For each music era, you will learn:

  • Name of the musical era and when it occurred
  • Musical forms that developed during that era
  • State of the flute as an instrument during that era
  • Well known composers during that era
  • Additional pertinent background, including dance styles and intellectual movements
  • Links to videos and audio to demonstrate concepts of that era

Videos are chosen to provide a variety of experiences, including:

  • Professional flutists who every flute player should know
  • Young artists and ensembles
  • Period instruments and modern instruments
  • Variety of ensembles, including solo, trio, choral and orchestral
  • Dancers performing dance music
  • Short theater productions

How to Explore These Pages

  • Select the name of an era from the top menu to start exploring that era. The submenu provides access to all of the information about that era.
  • Alternatively, click through the navigation links at the top and bottom of each page within an Era to read through the pages in order. Navigation links look like this:
    << Previous Page | Next Page >>
  • While you are on a page, be sure to click the links! There are plenty of pathways to music videos from each time period, and additional information and pictures.

Enjoy learning about the Music Eras from a flutist perspective!


The following references were used to create this project.

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