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The definition of Baroque, “extravagant or complex” may seem like a strange way to describe a period of music. This description comes from the high degree of added ornamentation and improvisation that was common during the Baroque era. Simple melodies were elaborately decorated, with a similar level of ornate detail that can be seen in Baroque architecture.

In this sequence of pages about the Baroque Era you will learn about:

  • Influence of dance on Baroque music
  • Symmetry and detail in Baroque architecture
  • Ornamentation and form in Baroque music
  • Wide range of ideas and affects communicated through Baroque music
  • Strengths of the instruments at the time were exploited
  • Notable Baroque composers

Use the links at the top and bottom of the pages to navigate through information about the Baroque Era. We will start by learning about Baroque dance.

Baroque Dance >>

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